Suncoast Clinical Research regularly seeks feedback from research volunteers. This helps us maintain our high standards for patient care. Below are recent comments from some of our volunteers.

Staff was excellent. Would love to do another study with Suncoast.
– Michael Fecanin

This was the first study I participated in and found it to be very positive. As a result of this experience I can’t wait to participate in my next study.
– Cheryl Kolosky

It was a great experience.  Everyone is so nice; it is like a family! I hope to be involved in more studies.
– Nadine Beam

What a wonderful group of people working here.  Love them all.  Thank you for your kindness, caring and acceptance!
– Shiela M. Rust.

Wonderful experience. Cannot wait for the next study.
– Jeannie Blackwell

Excellence is an understatement… Your staff is the best there is.
– Richard T. Engle

I have had a great experience at Suncoast.  The employees were always so friendly and helpful.  Suncoast Clinical Research is an awesome facility, and I would recommend them all.  Thank you for all your help.
– Daryl Balsamo

Very pleasant and helpful. Staff made study easier to be involved in. Great experience.
– Christine Agliano

This has been quite the enjoyable experience! I love the staff like family. The attentiveness, care, professionalism of Dr. Cohen, Angie, Pat, and everyone else involved was phenomenal. Much gratitude to this program, facility and people.
– Linda Helmick

This program was extremely helpful to us. We appreciated the sincere concern that Krystal showed. The friendliness of everyone was so refreshing. We felt very confident in our treatment.
-James P. Fales, Jr.

The staff and doctor were great and I would enjoy another study as it comes available. Super, super staff.
– Philip Lynch

Everyone was fantastic! Jill and Vickie were very attentive, awesome, and super honest and sweet.
– Sarah Kolesha

My study coordinator, Frances, was the Best. She and I developed a real, professional bond.  There wasn’t anything I couldn’t discuss with her. I was always under the impression that I was important!
– Cynthia S. Brooks